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Journey to Kidlit

Kidlit Writing 101 | The simple 4-step process to write a children's book

Kidlit Writing 101 | The simple 4-step process to write a children's book

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Confidently write your next children's book!

Ready to write your children's story but need help making sure it's suited for young readers? Use my proven 4-step process to go from idea to finished story in the quickest and easiest way possible. 

This online course walks you through the complete writing process using our signature P.O.L.I.S.H. method to help you go from idea to finished manuscript.

What customers are saying:

  • "This course has been a lifesaver for me in that you discuss items that don't get discussed in a "normal" how-to book on children's writing. For instance, the 10 steps in session 2, and the critique and editing lessons in 3 & 4--these were all so valuable to me. So I'm recommending this course to the other writers in my writing groups, too." - Bruce Benson -
  • "The information I gleaned has been very valuable. Also, having access to the videos will be super helpful, as I can go back to the start and watch it all again. The tools you provided are most useful, especially the ones for fleshing out character identities and personalities. I found this profoundly useful when my character has "flesh" so to speak, my story actually grows, stretches, and changes based upon my character's reactions to certain situations; purely because I know who he is. My initial story idea now immediately becomes far more alive with possibility. Many thanks for your instruction." - Simon Lovell -
  • "The editing portion of the course was very helpful, including the differences between active and passive voice, as I have written in passive voice many times. I like the course and am enjoying it! I would recommend your course to anyone who is interested in writing for children." - Ramon Rojas -



In Kidlit Writing 101, you'll learn how to:

  • Brainstorm your idea fully

  • Create strong characters and complete plot outlines for your story

  • Format your draft as a professional manuscript

  • Edit your story to make it more enjoyable for readers

  • Finish your draft so it can be published


  1. Module #1 - Gathering Your Story Assets (Includes 6 video lessons & digital companion workbook on how to create a believable setting and cast of characters in a children's book.)

  2. Module #2 - Writing Your Children's Book  (Includes 9 video lessons & digital companion workbook on how to write for the children's book marketing, including choosing the right POV and tense for your story.)

  3. Module #3 - Editing Your Children's Book (Includes 8 video lessons & digital companion workbook on what editors are looking for in today's market and how to edit your book using our proven 5-step process.)

  4. Module #4 - Finishing Your Children's Book (Includes 3 video lessons & digital companion workbook on how to finish your children's book and prepare it for publication.)

  5. Choosing a Story Title bonus video lesson

  6. Writing Good Dialogue bonus video lesson

  7. How to Lean into Your Theme bonus video lesson

  8. 6 Bonus Feedback Editing example video lessons

  9. Children's Book Editing Checklist

  10. Story Set-Up Guide

  11. Character Creation Worksheet

  12. Picture Book + Novel Plotting Guide

  13. Manuscript Submission Checklist

  14. Kidlit Publishing Resources Cheat Sheet

  15. Lifetime Access to all Kidlit Writing 101 online content


Who's the online course for?

Kidlit Writing 101 is the perfect course for any writer who's feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, or confused by the children's book writing process. This course will easily break down what to do in a simple 4-step process so you can confidently complete your children's book.

How soon after purchasing will you receive the course?

Your "Kidlit Writing 101" login information will be delivered via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase. (All our online courses are self-paced and include lifetime access. If you’ve previously purchased a course with us, you can use the same login to access all the information in one place.)

This is an online course. Nothing physical will ship. Your course log in information will be sent to you via email within 5-10 minutes of making your purchase.

Please note: Our digital products are for personal use only. While you can use the fillable fields on your computer or print out the sheets yourself, you cannot share this with anyone else, make a copy, or use this for resale.

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